Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tunafish Sandwich Piece, by Yoko Ono

Poetry Crossfire! attempted, and failed, to secure Charlie the Tuna as a guest for this segment. We received only a curt, two-word note from the StarKist Corporation: "Sorry, Charlie." Happily, the team at Rain Taxi Review of Books was on call, and responded immediately to our urgent page.

The pundits:

Kelly Everding is the author of the chapbook Strappado for the Devil (Etherdome Press). She is the art director and business manager for Rain Taxi Review of Books.

Eric Lorberer is the editor of Rain Taxi Review of Books and the director of the Twin Cities Book Festival. He's served as a panelist for the National Endowment for the Arts and speaks at conferences and literary festivals around the country as an advocate for independent publishing and literary culture.

The poem:

Tunafish Sandwich Piece (from Grapefruits, 1970 ed.)
by Yoko Ono

Imagine one thousand suns in the
sky at the same time.
Let them shine for one hour.
Then, let them gradually melt
into the sky.
Make one tunafish sandwich and eat.

The crossfire:

Kelly Everding: I am not partial to tunafish sandwiches, but I am partial to apocalyptic scenarios. One thousand suns in a finite space obliterates self, everything, including tunafish sandwiches. Makes me hungry.

Eric Lorberer: Holy acid refluxus! This is good advice, even if it's in a poem. Word to the wise, however: you'll need a critical can opener.

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