Monday, August 29, 2011

Michael McClure Reading Poetry to Lions

Today's poem-performance:

Thanks to Thurston Moore for the tip on this one. It gets real good at the 2:06 mark.

Let's meet our poet-pundits:

Ben Estes is the author of The Strings of Walnetto Arrangements, forthcoming from Flowers & Cream. He is the co-editor of The Song Cave and lives in Northampton, Mass.

Ben Kopel currently lives in the Bywater neighborhood of New Orleans, La. He teaches creative writing and English literature to high school students. He is the author of the chapbook Because We Must (Brave Men Press). His full-length collection Victory is due out from H_NGM_N Books in spring 2012.

Ready, set, crossfire!

Ben Estes: This makes my fanny beat.

Ben Kopel: 1. Personally, this makes my beat beatific.
2. Allen Ginsberg wrote about H-O-W-L-S, not R-O-A-R-S!
3. a.k.a. DANIEL 6:22 – The Motion Picture.
4. Hell, Mike, you had me at …and the vampire neon codes.

NOTE: No hurt was done during the making of this movie.

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