Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Love Poem, by Jewel

Today's poem-performance:

Let's meet our pundits:

Sun Yung Shin is the author of Skirt Full of Black (Coffee House Press), which received the Asian American Literary Award for Poetry in 2008. She is the co-editor of Outsiders Within: Writing on Transracial Adoption (South End Press) and the author of bilingual Korean/English illustrated book for children Cooper’s Lesson (Children's Book Press).

Juliet Patterson is the author of The Truant Lover (Nightboat Books), which was selected by Jean Valentine as the 2004 winner of the Nightboat Poetry Prize and was a finalist for a 2007 Lambda Literary Award. She lives in Minneapolis.

Ready, set, crossfire!

Juliet Patterson: First off, while I'm generally a fan of metaphoric thinking, it's hard to think clearly about metaphor especially if it leads to equations such as you = wild horse, you = wings in the foothills of Montana and me = your hungry valley.

What kind of love are we talking about here?

Sun Yung Shin: I think I need to watch it again, I just kept thinking, "Jewel is HOT."

Sun Yung Shin: I just watched it again. I like how she pronounces her short "e"s like short "i"s as in "bend" sounds like "bind." I also like how she says "orchard" like "oh-r-chahd." I use the Def Poetry series in the classroom and I'm always surprised by my students' various reactions. I did enjoy Jewel's use of alliteration and her perfect enunciation. I liked the image of "calico children." The whole thing was lyrical, I guess I'll say that for it. Who am I to judge cowgirl poetry?

Juliet Patterson: And how about that "o" in Pooo-ems"?

Certainly, I'll allow for her perfect enunciation and Jewel's shy-sexy (is shy really sexy?) performance and this IS Def poetry afterall, where performance may indeed trump the mechanics of ANY POO-OEM, but I can't find the same sort of neutral (if not complementary) position you're taking here, Sun Yung: sorry.

I just can't get past those bulging metaphors, y'all, "my lover in the ocean of the worlds."

Please bring back the guitar and leave the American Flag to future burnings, Jasper Johns or uniforms.

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