Thursday, July 7, 2011

Raspberry Sweater, by Frank O'Hara

Our guests:

Amanda Nadelberg is the author of Isa the Truck Named Isadore, winner of the 2005 Slope Editions Book Prize, and Bright Brave Phenomena, forthcoming from Coffee House Press in 2012, as well as a chapbook, Building Castles in Spain, Getting Married, published by The Song Cave in 2009.

Chris Fishbach is publisher of Coffee House Press, based in Minneapolis.

The poem:

Raspberry Sweater
by Frank O'Hara

to George Montgomery

It is next to my flesh,
that's why. I do what I want.
And in the pale New Hampshire
twilight a black bug sits in the blue,
strumming its legs together. Mournful
glass, and daises closing. Hay
swells in the nostrils. We shall go
to the motorcycle races in Laconia
and come back all calm and warm.

Ready, set, crossfire!

Chris Fishbach: I seriously almost bought a raspberry sweater today at the Brooks Brothers Summer Closeout.

Amanda Nadelberg: I wish you did because we we don't live on Woulda Coulda Shoulda Street.

The children are fighting over the Wii and what constitutes dessert.

People from New Hampshire are pale.

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