Monday, July 25, 2011

A Little Called Pauline, by Gertrude Stein

A situation room means it does not my dear, means a whole steadiness, please sit in when. A pundit is a round table, a round table has sides. iReporters show shine. It is better yet. Telestrator flashes amber, flashes amber so lately. Touch the screen and talk. Stand where there is light. State that laugh. This is use. Let's turn to our panel.

Our pundits:

G.E. Patterson is a poet, critic, and translator. He's the author of two collections of poetry: To and From (Ahsahta Press) and Tug (Graywolf Press).

Lightsey Darst is a poet, dance critic, and English instructor. Her first book is Find the Girl (Coffee House Press).

The poem:

A Little Called Pauline
by Gertrude Stein

A little called anything shows shudders.

Come and say what prints all day. A whole few watermelon. There is no pope.

No cut in pennies and little dressing and choose wide soles and little spats really little spices.

A little lace makes boils. This is not true.

Gracious of gracious and a stamp a blue green white bow a blue green lean, lean on the top.

If it is absurd then it is leadish and nearly set in where there is a tight head.

A peaceful life to arise her, noon and moon and moon. A letter a cold sleeve a blanket a shaving house and nearly the best and regular window.

Nearer in fairy sea, nearer and farther, show white has lime in sight, show a stitch of ten. Count, count more so that thicker and thicker is leaning.

I hope she has her cow. Bidding a wedding, widening received treading, little leading mention nothing.

Cough out cough out in the leather and really feather it is not for.

Please could, please could, jam it not plus more sit in when.

The crossfire:

Lightsey Darst: I like to think she's watching someone move and trying to get down what's happening. I move like there is no pope all the time.

I like how a new word wanders in here like a stranger at a party. Leather, leather is unexpected. Feather naturally comes with it, though. Then there is plus.

Weather forecast, hint from Heloise—except that Heloise is hallucinating. But not hallucinating. The actual Heloise is hallucinating; this is true.

You can learn so much about corners from this poem. I wonder if she was ever tempted to call the book Tender Corners.

You really have to wear a hat with this poem.

It's obvious why this is not "A Little Called Sarah."

G.E. Patterson: Frightful little.

Not all boys are Paulists—or girls.
Act like it’s a choice it’s not.

Make more caring. Often.


Petite. Desire’s hunger.

For young David and his Papa.
Last seen on a corner.


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  1. In Gertrude Stein's time—which is the present moment, no one knows what to say when they encounter Pauline. Her daughter's beau Guillaume for all his skill at writing verse was at sixes and sevens. No cut in his water-melon. If you want to learn more, visit Pretty soon I will more fully disclose what the Buttons Collective has to say about this subpoem of Tender Buttons.