Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Haiku, by Basho

Tonight, on Poetry Crossfire!, we ask the poetry punditocracy to contemplate a haiku written during the wanderings of a mysterious Edo Period poet. If we're still reading verse written by a drifter, does that mean America has lost it's competitive edge in the global economy?

Our guests:

Joshua Beckman is the author of seven books, most recently Take It (Wave Books). He is an editor at Wave Books and lives in Seattle and New York.

Steve Healey is the author of 10 Mississippi and Earthling, both on Coffee House Press. He lives in Minneapolis.

The poem:

by Basho

Across the road
from a field of sunflowers:
a sunflower.

Ready, set, crossfire!

Joshua Beckman: First let me preface my remarks by saying that it is exactly this sort of anti-social behavior I would expect from both a poem and a flower. I am certain my colleague here finds it all very charming but if we are to keep any social…(interrupted)

Steve Healey: Well, that may be true in your dark little vampire fuckfest, but guess what? Regular folks want more heliocentrism. Have you ever really been alone with your own sunflower seed and sucked out all the salt until it falls apart in your mouth?

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  1. I don't understand why many of your guests choose to use such vile language. Mr. Healey, for example, above.