Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Broetry, by Brian McGackin

At issue today is a new book of poems called Broetry, by self-proclaimed "Broet Laureate" Brian McGackin.

Here's what the publisher has to say about Broetry:

"As contemporary poets sing the glories of birds, birch trees, and menstruation, regular guys are left scratching their heads. Who can speak for Everyman? Who will articulate his love for Xbox 360, for Mama Celeste’s frozen pizza, for the cinematic oeuvre of Bruce Willis?"

Our panel:

Please welcome back Poetry Crossfire! regulars Amanda Nadelberg and Chris Fischbach.

Amanda Nadelberg is the author of Isa the Truck Named Isadore, winner of the 2005 Slope Editions Book Prize, and Bright Brave Phenomena, forthcoming from Coffee House Press in 2012, as well as a chapbook, Building Castles in Spain, Getting Married, published by The Song Cave in 2009.

Chris Fishbach is publisher of Coffee House Press, based in Minneapolis.

The crossfire:

Chris Fischbach: I used to live a block away from Robert Bly when Iron John came out. I read it. I grew a beard and really started "diggin in" to this whole poetry thing. I wore hockey jerseys to work.

Amanda wasn't even born yet. Plus I'm watching Tosh.0 as I type this.

Chris Fischbach: P.S. Rise of the Planet of the Apes looks awesome. But I've had a lot of Grape Juice Plus tonight. Amanda has no idea what I'm talking about.

Amanda Nadelberg: Fish you just made me laugh in public, shame on you. I do not, not at all wanna see the Ape Movie. But my dad and I saw Harry Potter last week and I want to see that movie about Earth 2. There's a guy in this coffee shop who thinks it's his job to be funny. His job! I have to go take care of a baby.

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